The services offered by the notary’s office are in particular the followings:


In property right:

  • property transfer (sale, exchange, transfer, donation,…)
  • the modification of a lot ( dividing, meeting,…)
  • the constitution of a surface right ;
  • the guarantees for a creditor, in particular the constitution or the modification of a mortgage title ;
  • contracts or agreements in relation with the neighborhood, in particular the easements (passings, pipes,…) notice, annotation or and also real estate charges;
  • rural ground law (agricultural right) or purchase of buildings by persons from abroad.

In commercial law :

  • the foundation of a business as desired and adapted on your current and future needs (especially a limited company or a company with limited liability;
  • the follow-up of the company, in order to progress with in their activities and requirements (increase or reduction of the capital, modifications of the regulations, transfer of domicile, dissolution and liquidation,….
  • all steps, in order to make a registration into the Trade registry of Canton Vaud or another Canton located in Switzerland;
  • the constitution and wording of the regulations of an association or a co-operative society ;
  • the wording of contracts related to ordinary partnership, of shareholders,…

In matrimonial law :

  • the adaptation to your situation, according to your needs in matrimonial or partnership arrangements, based on different possibilities provided by law ;
  • for unmarried persons, the analyses of family and succession situations, as well as examination of the various possibilities, that will allow you to reach you goals ;
  • for example, the liquidation of a marriage, the modification or separation of a marriage, as well as the wording of any agreement, in order to obtain a confirmation by the competent court.

In inheritance right :

  • the examination of your estate situation, according to the law and your last will, as well as the analysis of different possibilities that are offered by the Swiss or foreign law, maybe with the support of an external consultant, specialized in the law of your country’s law or your residence ;
  • the wording of any will (authentic or holographic) or deed of succession, in order to arrange your succession ;
  • in order to keep your will and to register it in the central registry of the wills ;
  • the full or partial support of a succession, in his capacity as executor or authorized person, including registrations of changes into the Land registry and division of the succession.

Miscellaneous :

  • the tax consultant, the communication with the various authorities, especially regarding tax matters, administrative matters, municipal or cantonal ;
  • the advice regarding any person residing abroad who would like to be domiciled in Switzerland, to purchase a property or to form a company ;
  • any notarial service provided, in particular by the notary law, such as signature legalization, guarantee, travel certificate for minors, travelling abroad without their parents, notary deed, certificate and official verification, license deed, inventory, safe custody of values,…
  • any legal analysis, as well as any steps required to be undertaken toward various authorities,…
  • In brief, we provide you with a personalized service, according to your needs and wishes.


How much would it cost ?

The notary Nicolas Vautier is at your disposal to give you a detailed and personalized estimate of the costs depending on what you want or you need, or you want to undertake, by looking to all your global worries. Get your personalized offer, by sending an e-mail, that mention your name, address and phone number, or to call the notary directly.

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