Nicolas Vautier (notary), Pascal Pittet (honorary notary) and their loyal members of stuff make available all their services related to a notary’s office, in strict respect of the essential values of the profession, especially the impartiality, confidentiality, the professional code of ethics and the independence.




Ideally located in the heart of Montreux with available parking spaces for the customers, the notary Nicolas Vautier’s office holds for many decades the highest standards, in order to provide full satisfaction to its customers, which is the target of its activity.

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The notary’s office provides full services in the field of a notary’s activity.

We are expertly advising our clients in all areas, as far as notary, civil, tax and commercial rights are concerned. For over 60 years, from the very beginning under Marc Chessex, followed by Pascal Pittet and currently Nicolas Vautier, we provide services that allows us to realize contracts of the most importance.


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